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Automatic testing: openqa.debian.net

[ I typo-ed the -boot address when sending this originally, so it was
  only sent to the -qa list. If you want to talk mostly about more
  general QA of non d-i stuff, please reply to the version of this mail
  that went to the debian-qa list:


Hi Folks,

If you look here:


You'll see that I've been testing d-i daily images for a while.

The scripts that drive those tests are available here:


As you can see from the README.md this is based on Fedora's tests.  The
README helpfully points at the original documentation for os-autoinst,
which is the thing that does the work.

It's possible that the README says things work that I've since broken in
order to make it work for the Debian tests.  Please point that out to me
if you notice, and I'll either fix things, or fix the README, as

So far I've been focused on testing d-i up to the point where we can see
that it's possible to login, and see whatever should be expected for
each of our desktops.

There is no reason to limit ourselves to that, and since we're
generating newly installed VM images regularly, it's completely fine to
write tests that use those as a starting point.  It's also possible to
write tests that use ssh or the serial console, so that yo don't need to
hunt for things in screenshots.

Currently it's all running in one VM (with nested VMs), but the
os-autoinst is able to run additional workers, so we should be able to
scale up as required.

At some point I'll want to reinstall everything, when all the bits are
available as packages (which might be already true -- I'll check shortly).

BTW In order to log in, you'll currently need an OpenSUSE SSO account
(because that works out of the box, and I've no idea what needs to be
done to make things work with sso.debian.org, say -- all hints
gratefully accepted :-) )

There's lots of things left to do here, with the most important thing
probably being making it possible to add tests without needing root
access to the machine (which is currently needed for some bits) so
please pester me about what you would like to test, and that will force
me to make it possible for you to do it without my intervention
(eventually ;-) ).

Cheers, Phil.
|)|  Philip Hands  [+44 (0)20 8530 9560]  HANDS.COM Ltd.
|-|  http://www.hands.com/    http://ftp.uk.debian.org/
|(|  Hugo-Klemm-Strasse 34,   21075 Hamburg,    GERMANY

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