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Bug#879987: Netboot installation report for Banana Pi M3

On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 04:24:06PM +0100, Stefan Berzl wrote:
> > I cannot see anything in the log that would explain why the
> > serial console driver didn't provide any output on the Debian
> > kernel 4.13 (with the devicetree from 4.14).  Would you perhaps
> > be willing to do another test run once the debian-installer has
> > moved to kernel 4.14?
> Yes of course, only how can I tell that the installer is using 4.14?
> Invoking "file" on the image doesn't tell me the version how it usually
> does.

Indeed "file" provides version information for x86 kernel images
but not for arm images.  You can look at the MANIFEST.udebs file
in the installer download directory, which lists all packages from
which the installer initrd image got built, including the kernel


For today's daily image the corresponding entry is
"kernel-image-4.13.0-1-armmp-di 4.13.4-2".

Kernel 4.14 is still in development and according to a recent
email from Linus Torvalds on LKML it might well have eight
release candidates instead of the usual seven, so I suppose that
the Debian installer probably won't switch to kernel 4.14 before
the second half of November.

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