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Bug#879151: debian-ports support when setting up sources.list

Package: apt-mirror-setup
Version: 0.129
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch
X-Debbugs-CC: "Helge Deller" <deller@gmx.de>, "John Paul Adrian Glaubitz" <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de>, "James Clarke" <jrtc27@debian.org>

Dear Maintainer,

apt-mirror-setup currently doesn't create an entry for the
'unreleased' distribution in the file /etc/apt/sources.list
on non released architectures. The patch below enables this.
(A file 'port_architecture' should be created previously
by another package, e.g. choose-mirror-bin. See #879130)

JH Chatenet

--- a/generators/50mirror
+++ b/generators/50mirror
@@ -162,6 +162,14 @@
 	exit 1
+if [ -e /usr/lib/choose-mirror/port_architecture ]; then
+	# There are no non-free nor contrib repositories
+	# for non released architectures
+	db_set apt-setup/non-free false
+	db_fset apt-setup/non-free seen true
+	db_set apt-setup/contrib false
 while true; do
 	case "$STATE" in
@@ -239,6 +247,11 @@
 	echo "deb $protocol://$hostname$directory $codename $dists" > $file
+	if [ -e /usr/lib/choose-mirror/port_architecture ];then
+		# Port architectures use both suites 'unstable' and 'unreleased'
+		echo "deb $protocol://$hostname$directory unreleased $dists" >> $file
+	fi
 	if apt-setup-verify --from $PROGRESS_FROM --to $PROGRESS_TO $file; then
@@ -261,4 +274,10 @@
 	deb_src="# deb-src"
-echo "$deb_src $protocol://$hostname$directory $codename $dists" >> $file
+if [ -e /usr/lib/choose-mirror/port_architecture ];then
+	# Hardcode the default regular debian mirror
+	# There is no source repository on debian-ports mirrors
+	echo "$deb_src $protocol://deb.debian.org/debian $codename $dists" >> $file
+	echo "$deb_src $protocol://$hostname$directory $codename $dists" >> $file

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