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Clarification of Appendix B of Installation Guide

My long term goal is a "minimal" install -- my precise definition of "minimal" to be specified.

Constraints when accomplishing this goal:
  1. the installer will be on a USB flash drive.
  2. the installation target will also be a USB flash drive.
     The underlying purpose is having a Debian system available
     to any machine capable of booting from a USB flash drive.
     This implies installing Grub to MBR of the flash drive.

Two Questions:
Section B.4.10. "Package selection" says in part "You can also choose to install no tasks, ... We recommend always including the standard task." I need to know what is installed when no tasks are specified
and when the standard task is specified.

Section B.4.11. "Boot loader installation" covers when/where Grub is installed. I'll always install to _*A*_ MBR. I need to force the installer to ask which device is target. It is unclear to me.

I note that https://wiki.debian.org/Installation+Archive+USBStick?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=preseed.cfg#CA-92ec8c7fca7565142e8daa9b11114577891ee95c_56 says "d-i grub-installer/choose_bootdev select manual". But I do not see anything similar in Section B.4.11.

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