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Re: Bug#877258: stretch-pu: package busybox/1:1.22.0-19+deb9u1

Adam D. Barratt wrote...

> I'd be happy with this in general, but the udeb means we need an
> explicit d-i RM ack; CCing appropriately.

Okay, lesson learned: For such packages, don't proscrastinate the
request until close to the deadline that has passed now. There'll be
another point relase, I'll take the delay as an opportunity to handle
some of the "important" bugs after some more checking as well,

#801850: readlink gets shadowed by busybox causing debconf to possibly fail
#854923: busybox: "sed -i nonexistent" creates bogus files

Same for jessie-pu.

So just stay tuned, Ai'll be bach.


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