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Re: Sound Parameters on Net Installer? Need speech for accessibility


Dave Hunt, on mer. 04 oct. 2017 09:56:56 -0400, wrote:
> I am trying to get software speech to work on the Stretch net installer, on
> a machine having multiple sound output possibilities.  When typing 's', and
> pressing enter, at the boot prompt/beep, I am expecting spoken prompts for
> the installer, but get silence, except for the beeping boot prompt.

Normally the debian installer loops over all sound boards it finds, to
prompt the user for which one he wants to use. If that doesn't work it
means there is a problem with the driver of your board. It's no use
trying to force using a given device: it already does so for each board
which was discovered.

So unfortunately it's most probably a bug in sound drivers, and more
information is needed to determine how to fix it, see
for the amixer commands to get output of, and the content of
/proc/asound/cards. Perhaps you can do so from some other image with
which sound does work, be it knoppix adriane or such.


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