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Re: Fixing the missing serial console after installation issue

On 10/01/2017 12:33 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> Yes, I'm aware of that and that's what people usually use to enable the serial
>> console post installation. However, it's most likely not what we would want to
>> use as adding it to the kernel command line assumes that you know what type
>> of bootloader is being used and you would have to add case-matching for the
>> various bootloader types.
> Well, debian-installer already needs to know about that, to be able to
> pass to the installed system the parameters which were given to boot the
> installer itself.

But is that information available in finish-installation.d/90console?

>> Please be aware that I am not talking about just fixing the serial console issue
>> on SPARC machines but on all architectures supported by Debian. Hence, I want
>> to use a generic and robust solution, not a quick hack.
> Well, your solution is somehow a "quick hack": enabling serial console
> automatically already works "for all archs", there is just something
> which doesn't happen to work in your case, and AIUI it's writing on the
> installed system the kernel parameters which were passed to boot d-i.

Are you sure that's the case? The code to enable the serial console
for systemd systems is definitely missing. It's there for upstart
and sysvinit but not for systemd. By default, systemd does not start
a serial getty unless you pass console=ttyS0 on the kernel command
line or enable the service explicitly.

Are you getting a serial console enabled by default on a fresh systemd

> Or is there really no way on your system for d-i to be able to write
> down the parameters to be passed to the kernel for the installed system?

Well, I have just adopted this particular script for systemd and effectively
used the same mechanism as for sysvinit and upstart. Would you have preferred
a completely different mechanism?

There is nothing special about sparc64 in this regard.


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