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Re: Fixing the missing serial console after installation issue

On 09/30/2017 10:47 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
We might not need to adjust the baud rate as systemd calls agetty with:

ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --keep-baud 115200,38400,9600 %I $TERM

and from the agetty manpage:

               A comma-separated list of one or more baud rates.  Each time agetty receives a  BREAK  character
               it advances through the list, which is treated as if it were circular.

Maybe 19200 (e.g. IBM POWER5) and 57600 (e.g. Apple Power Macintosh G4 (and maybe also G3 and G5) and Xserve G4, G5) should be added to the baud_rate list.

But on the other hand `--keep-baud` should "Try to keep the existing baud rate." (from agetty(8)), so any other hardware or manufacturer imposed baud rate than 115200, 38400 and 9600 should be used as well, even if not explicitly listed - at least that's my understanding.


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