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Bug#872867: is ISO-3166 really the optimal list for our users?

On Fri, 2017-08-25 at 13:13 -0600, Ben Hildred wrote:
> Lets Throw out this crazy idea for consideration: Drop support for all
> countries.
> To start off this will not actually be completely possible because of
> broadcast regulations, but if you limit it to wireless networking (and
> other radio application) configuration, we can then define a country as a
> broadcast regulation scope.

So far as I know, the installer doesn't configure the country for
wireless regulations.  This is fine so long as you use Managed mode, as
the wireless stack can just follow whatever the AP says.  (For other
modes, it might still be unnecessary as the wireless device normally
has a country code in NVRAM, besides which many countries share either
ETSI or FCC rules.)


Ben Hutchings
One of the nice things about standards is that there are so many of

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