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Bug#860304: Aw: Re: Bug#860304: [BUG 860304] flash-kernel: Incorrect installation path for dtbs

On 2017-08-24, Heinrich Schuchardt wrote:
> is there really any need to keep /boot/dtbs/VERSION/ if we have
> /boot/dtbs/VERSION/VENDOR/?

Yes, if the u-boot version on the board sets fdtfile to BOARD.dtb.

We have no way of knowing from flash-kernel what the u-boot on the board
will set for fdtfile. The fdtfile variable may be VENDOR/BOARD.dtb or it
may just be BOARD.dtb. In some boards, depending on which version of
u-boot you're using, it could be either one.

Supporting both is the only real way I can think of to handle those two
common cases.

live well,

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