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Re: Using preseed (Debian/Ubuntu) to partition both RAID and encryption

On 2017/08/23 11:22 am, Andre Goree wrote:
I am trying to configure a preseed image using RAID + encryption. I
originally wanted to do this without LVM, however it does not seem (at
least with encryption) that this is possible. I simply want to know if
this is even possible via preseed -- that is, to have both RAID and
encryption partitioned. All the documentation I'm seeing states (from
what I can tell) that you can only have either RAID _or_ encryption.
I'm not seeing any way to preseed both.

I've attached the disk configuration portions of the preseeds I've
used to provision LVM+RAID (with some success, seem to have an issue
booting after that but I'm sure that's something I can overcome -- the
RAID and LVM are configured when I boot into rescue mode after an
install using the attached preseed conf) and LVM+encryption (with this
conf, grub has a hard time installing but I'm sure I could work around
that as well).

I suppose, I'm trying to meld the two, and I've tried a few different
combinations but not have worked out. Essentially, I believe you can
have only either partman-auto/method string crypt or
partman-auto/method string raid but not both. Can anyone confirm or
deny this for me? Thanks in advance.

Andre Goree
Email     - andre at drenet.net
Website   - http://www.drenet.net
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FWIW, I found this bug report that I believe answers my question :/


Andre Goree
Email     - andre at drenet.net
Website   - http://blog.drenet.net
PGP key   - http://www.drenet.net/pubkey.html

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