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Re: Please unblock glibc/2.24-14


Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> (2017-08-19):
> glibc/2.24-14 has been blocked for long in unstable due to the linux
> package not migrating. Unfortunately it failed to migrate at the same
> time due to bug#871275, which has nothing to glibc besides the fact that
> "libc-bin" appears in the log.
> In short, after waiting for more than 2 weeks, it missed the freeze only
> by a few hours. It would be nice to have it in testing asap, as the
> current version in testing is not buildable with binutils 2.19 which is
> now in testing. Besides that nothing to worry about for d-i.

glibc      | 2.24-14       | testing    | source
glibc      | 2.24-14       | unstable   | source

Happened during the 1000Z run.


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