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Bug#839595: Device-Tree naming and hardware variants

Hi there,

Now it is time to raise a different problem: Hardware Variants.
Right now we have the Clearfog Pro, and the Clearfog Base.
The future might bring also introduce other CPU variants different from
Armada-388 (but thats pure speculation).

The Device-Tree was actually renamed in mainline with
712032aa65ae19a613488f8ce956e575cc5e1486, to
armada-388-clearfog-pro.dts. That one sets the model field to "SolidRun
Clearfog Pro A1".

Then we have the "SolidRun Clearfog Base A1" in

How can these variants be mirrored in flash-kernel? And is there a way
to allow moving SD-Cards between device variants? That would be a
*really* useful feature!

Either way, what can we do about this?

Josua Mayer

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