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Bug#872059: No longer creates /dev/console.

Package: debootstrap
Version: 1.0.89
Tags: patch

Dear maintainer,

After upgrading to Stretch, I noticed that the init scripts would no longer
produce any output on the system console during boot. Note I use a kernel with
the needed drivers linked statically lest I need to use an initramfs so this
issue may not apply with an initramfs; also, I
use sysvinit instead of systemd. After investigating, I found the cause of the
problem to be that the special file `/dev/console' was not present in the file
system; this would not be a problem normally since, when devtmpfs gets mounted,
`/dev/console' will be created, but I suppose that takes place after the kernel
starts init (probably in an init script). The relation this issue has to
debootstrap is that version 1.0.67 of debootsrap (from Jessie) created the files
in `/dev' by unpacking the archive at `/usr/share/debootstrap/devices.tar.gz';
from what I gather, it DID include `/dev/console'. Now, in the version 1.0.89,
this was changed to calls to mknod in `/usr/share/debootstrap/functions' and
`/dev/console' is NOT created.  Perhaps no longer creating it was intentional as
it is not needed with systemd (I think), but I guess you may agree that this is
not the desired behaviour since sysvinit is officially supported. The change
required in the file `functions' is minute and I included the patch; I have NOT
tested it though, sorry!

P.S. Slightly unrelated but, in the line I added in the patch, I did not quote
the path with the variable expansion for consistency with the code around it
since the paths are not quoted in the rest of that function; they should be

Yours faithfully,
> 	mknod -m 600 $TARGET/dev/console c 5 1

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