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Bug#871835: speed up for debootstrap

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Lange <lange@informatik.uni-koeln.de> (2017-08-12):
> Package: debootstrap
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> I've wrote some patches, which speed up deboostrap a lot.
> Changes are only made to /usr/share/debootstrap/functions, mostly in
> the perl part, but also the number of lines that are proceeded by
> perl are reduced via egrep.
> Here are some time measures on a 4-core machine, the target directory
> is inside a tmpfs and a local mirror in the same subnet is used.
> old version 1.0.89
> real    1m26.940s
> user    1m24.180s
> sys     0m2.420s
> including the patches
> real    0m39.481s
> user    0m50.444s
> sys     0m2.748s
> If you have any questions concerning the patches, just ask me.

I'm very excited about those patches, feel free to catch me during the
evening for a little talk about those.


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