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Re: RFC: Switching guided partitioning to LVM by default?

2017/08/06 5:07 "Cyril Brulebois" <kibi@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> While preparing some slides for my “News from the Debian Installer” talk
> at DebConf17, it occured to me that we might want to reconsider the
> default here:
>     Guided - use a whole disk
>     Guided - use a whole disk with LVM
>     Guided - use a whole disk with encrypted LVM
>     Manual
> Current default is the first entry, and I think we should switch to
> second one, with LVM.
> If the user doesn't need to touch anything, that doesn't change much; if
> the user wants to change partitioning afterwards, LVM's flexibility is
> available.
> Is anyone aware of any drawbacks of switching to LVM by default?
> KiBi.

This would be a source of a lot of confusion and flame wars and other back-and-forth on debian-user.

Making LVM a recommended, guided option with a lot of hand-holding, sure, especially if the default includes making a MSWindows readable partition for sharing. But that is not whole disk.

Forcing people to do what we think is good for them never works out well.

Joel Rees


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