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Bug#869946: installation-reports: When the computer shuts down abruptly in Stratch 9.0.1 with any kind of cryptography, the computer won't boot again.

On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 05:42:59PM -0400, Marco Pellegrini wrote:
>Package: installation-reports
>Severity: important
>After a fresh install of Debian Stretch 9.0.1 with any kind of
>cryptography applied to the hard drive, if the computer suddenly
>shuts down, then it will not boot up again, a lot of errors will
>appear when booting up and it will be impossible to access the system
>again. Logging in the terminal is impossible as well. This happens to
>every machine I tried installing Stretch with cryptography.

Hi Marco,

You say "a lot of errors will appear". Can you give some more details
of those errors, please? It's difficult to work out what's happening

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