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Bug#870615: debian-installer: FTBFS on armhf: missing firefly-rk3288/u-boot.img

On 2017-08-03, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> d-i now FTBFSes on armhf, due to:
> ,---[ hd-media ]---
> | gen-hd-image: Installing /usr/lib/u-boot/firefly-rk3288/u-boot-spl.rksd at sector 64 ...
> | gen-hd-image: Installing /usr/lib/u-boot/firefly-rk3288/u-boot.img at sector 256 ...
> | config/armhf//hd-media.cfg:33: recipe for target 'hd-media_images_concatenateable' failed
> | make[2]: *** [hd-media_images_concatenateable] Error 1
> ,---[ u-boot ]---
> | Providing u-boot binaries for Firefly-RK3288 ...
> | cp: cannot stat '/usr/lib/u-boot/firefly-rk3288/u-boot.img': No such file or directory
> | config/armhf//u-boot.cfg:8: recipe for target 'u-boot-binaries' failed
> `---
> I suppose this is due to this change in u-boot on 2017-08-01:
> |  u-boot (2017.07+dfsg1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
> |  .
> |    * u-boot-rockchip:
> |      - Ship u-boot.bin in firefly-rk3288 instead of u-boot.img.
> |      - Add NEWS file explaining the change for firefly-rk3288.
> See https://tracker.debian.org/news/860117
> It'd be nice if someone could double check what new path is needed, and
> push a commit to master after a test build. Otherwise I'll do so in a
> couple of days.

I'm sorry, my mistake, I totally forgot about u-boot's impact on
debian-installer again... *sigh*

This may actually require changing the d-i code(the new method requires
appending two things together before dd'ing them, rather that dd'ing two
things at specific locations), or more changes to u-boot (I could
pregenerate that part in u-boot, though that means shipping redundant

Might be best to temporarily disable the firefly-rk3288 in d-i until I
figure out what's best to do...

live well,

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