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Bug#870574: lowmem: naming of main-menu.d item

Package: lowmem
Version: 1.45
Severity: normal

Poking around an install environment I looked in /lib/main-menu.d
and found these files:

Then I found the original commit message:

    commit b9741a97a349f9ed4364b3411c3ab8afc590e385
    Author: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
    Date:   Fri May 6 01:30:00 2005

        - Set a "low memory mode" info message (rescue mode comes after and
          beats this message). Requires cdebconf-udeb 0.75 and main-menu 1.03.
So the file lowmem/main-menu.d/5lowmem
should be   lowmem/main-menu.d/05lowmem

should it not?


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