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Re: Bug#863634: unblock (pre-approval): systemd/232-24

Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> (2017-05-29):
> I'd like to make another upload of systemd if possible.
> It fixes a remote DoS in resolved (#863277). We don't enable resolved
> by default in Debian, so this bug is not super critical.
> But since an (upstream) fix exists, I would prefer to have this fix in
> stretch. The attached debdiff also has two smaller fixes which have
> piled up in the stretch branch in the mean time.
> Please let me know if I can proceed with the upload.
> If you want me to postpone that for 9.1, I'm fine as well. Uploading it
> now would have the benefit though of at least some testing in unstable.
> The changes don't touch d-i, but I've CCed debian-boot@ anyway for an
> ack.
> Full debdiff attached.

Changes look fine to me, be it for r0 or r1. If that's candidate for r0,
it needs to have migrated a few days before the last week, so that d-i
can be prepared with all components from testing.


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