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Bug#854801: Network Manager, Stretch and ipv6

Control: severity 854801 serious
Control: reassign 854801 netcfg


This is https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=854801

Since this issue is now cropping up regularly, I'd say it's something
which needs to be fixed for stretch, thus marking the bug as RC.


Am 23.05.2017 um 15:29 schrieb am_dxer@fastmail.fm:
> Hello,
> While doing some recent Stretch installs, I was very puzzled why some of
> them ended up with Network Manager and some without. For context, I am
> using the default install task with the accessibility installer which
> installs System Utilities, Debian desktop environment, Mate desktop, and
> print server. After research, I discovered that this was because on
> installs happening with ipv6 connectivity, rdnssd was installed which
> conflicts with network manager. I found the bug report that resulted in
> these being set as conflicting (#740998) and I certainly understand and
> agree with the reasoning for that change, however, I think that for new
> users hoping for a working desktop with networking after install, this
> might be very confusing. I guess what I see as the biggest problem is
> inconsistent behavior depending on whether an ipv4 or ipv6 network is
> used for install. I wasn't sure if I should report a bug against rdnssd
> or network-manager but I felt that some discussion would likely have to
> take place around this. I figured that you had recently uploaded Network
> Manager packages so might know the correct place to have this
> discussion. I fear that the solution is not so easy because command line
> users on ipv6 would probably want rdnssd. Also, it doesn't seem like the
> Mate desktop environment could have a hard dependency on the Network
> Manager since there are alternatives to Network Manager available that
> people might want to use. Right Now, the Mate desktop task recommends
> network-manager-gnome but obviously that doesn't get pulled in if rdnssd
> is installed. Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this issue.

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