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How to fix installed boot under Uefi for Acer Aspire ES15

Dear members,

I have the Aspire ES1-533 laptop, originelly with Bootup Linux. I installed Debian 9 RC 3, but after installation, I can't boot to it. When I mont /dev/sda1, which is boot and esb, I can see uefi folder, with Debian subfolder and with some grub.efi file. I know, this laptop model is very limited, no legaci support and only Windows 10 works here, but I bought this laptop, because here was Linux os, so I uess, LInux distros must work here, but not. Can you help me please? I installed Debian with speech mode, I am screen reader users. I can boot other distros with usb flash normally, so I don't know, why laptop can't see Debian installed.


Pavel Vlček

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