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Bug#862870: virt-viewer: doesn't seem to support XSendEvent

Package: virt-viewer
Version: 1.0-1
Severity: important

[ x-d-cc: debian-boot@lists.debian.org ]


Trying to use xdotool (either on the command line or through its xdo
python bindings) fails when sending key events to a specific virt-viewer
window. In this case, XSendEvent is used instead of XTEST, which doesn't
seem to be supported by virt-viewer, and anything sent this way is

It's possible to raise the virt-viewer window and then send key events
without specifying a target window, which is implemented using XTEST in
xdotool, but that means messing up with the focus in the surrounding
window environment, which is highly impractical.

I've also tried switching from default spice to vnc, still no luck. No
changes when I tried 5.0-1 from a sid chroot.

Any help/suggestion welcome, it prevents me from automating d-i tests
with libvirt. (While they do run fine with a “bare” kvm.)


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