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Bug#862745: netcfg incorrectly defaults hostname to DHCPv6-provided NTP server address

Control: severity -1 important
Control: found -1 1.90

Hi Malcolm,

Malcolm Scott <debbugs@malc.org.uk> (2017-05-16):
> netcfg uses a NTP server address from DHCPv6 as the default hostname
> (in the absence of a hostname explicitly provided via DHCP), due to a
> typo in autoconfig.c.

Oh wow…

Yeah, not only did we use the wrong index, but with a ++ to make sure,
and dhcp_hostname is the next field in the structure, so spot on!

> Patch attached.

Thanks, pushed an updated package to unstable, and cherry-picked the fix
on the jessie branch for a later point release. Marking it as affecting
the version where the offending commit was first included.


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