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Re: Bug#861729: unblock: win32-loader/0.8.3

(Dropping the bug, only writing to d-boot)

Le mercredi, 3 mai 2017, 11.54:16 h CEST Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> A couple of things (feel free to follow up only to debian-boot and me):
>  - debian/files is left over after building a source package; while I
>    know mostly nothing about dpkg-genbuildinfo, it feels a bit weird
>    compared to all other d-i packages which leave a clean git tree after
>    a source build;

This seems like a bug in dpkg-genbuildinfo to me, as I'm not doing anything 
spethial in win32-loader with regards to this. I noticed this 'debian/files' 
leftover in plenty of my packages, but didn't find time to properly 

>  - does it make sense to force bzip2 for the source tarball? It dates
>    back to 2011, so was probably an improvement over gz, but now that we
>    have xz, just using that would probably make sense?

Oh yes, absolutely. Is it a change we want in stretch?


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