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Bug#861300: cdrom-detect: Please merge changes from Ubuntu

Control: notfound -1 1.67

Hi Colin and All,

On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 2:31 AM, Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 09:42:47AM +0200, Balint Reczey wrote:
>> Please merge changes from the delta carried by Ubuntu:
> For the record, this does not have my approval even though some of the
> commits are in my name.  It would generally be polite to at least try to
> ask people named as committers before you send patches attributed to
> them (and also e.g. ask what email addresses they prefer to be used for
> the patches you've generated in their name: I never use
> colin.watson@canonical.com except in situations where it's been chosen
> for me and I have no alternative).

I'm sorry for not contacting you in advance, I thought it would be ok to forward
the patches. I'll seek approval in the future and discuss the patches to be
forwarded in advance.

I'm closing the bug and in case a new bug will be needed for forwarding some
of the patches I'll open a new one.


>> commit 44dc46c133fa5e87d27eeef4c936e44cb886602b
>> Author: Balint Reczey <balint.reczey@canonical.com>
>> Date:   Wed Apr 26 21:07:42 2017 +0200
>>     Show Ubuntu name on Ubuntu
>>     Build depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.15.1) and patch to do so.
> This is thoroughly gross in a native package, and I don't think it
> should be accepted.  Branding patches are annoying but basically a
> necessary reality.
> The only sensible way to avoid carrying these patches in downstream
> distributions is to debrand altogether, i.e. not mention Debian in d-i
> strings.  In some cases that's reasonable, but I don't think it can be
> done everywhere.
> (And no, db_subst isn't a solution in the general case: while it isn't a
> problem in this specific case, in general, different proper names are
> translated in various ways in different languages, may undergo
> declension, etc.  My stock example of this is "a Debian image" vs. "an
> Ubuntu image", but there's a wide range of complexity here.)
> If I were putting the effort into figuring out how to merge this
> properly rather than just forwarding patches directly, I'd work out a
> rephrasing of the log messages that was more generic and didn't require
> branding, and I'd generate the cdrom/suite template at build time in a
> way that's reasonably easy to maintain (.in files or similar).
> Committing a patch file like this is right out: not only are they highly
> unconventional in native packages but in practice they're a pain to
> maintain and tend to bitrot.
>> commit 08cfa29937f3dfbe796cab4d7e05bf2dd8808f40
>> Author: Colin Watson <colin.watson@canonical.com>
>> Date:   Wed Apr 26 20:08:41 2017 +0200
>>     Update translations for using hdparm
>>     Those changes should be done in d-i master po files
> This should be disregarded and should not have been sent.  These are
> translations I fetched from Launchpad, and they may have different
> vocabulary standards etc.  d-i manages its own translations, and d-i
> translators are unlikely to thank you for committing unchecked
> translations to their languages.
> If the underlying hdparm change were committed (but see below), then it
> might make sense to send copies of the various translated strings to the
> list as a courtesy so that translators could use them as a reference if
> they wanted to, but not to commit them.
>> commit 5f509c6af43f90f8800490ae87287d69678c5445
>> Author: Colin Watson <colin.watson@canonical.com>
>> Date:   Wed Apr 26 20:02:14 2017 +0200
>>     Optionally set CD-ROM drive parameters with hdparm
> I have mixed feelings about this.  It's a low-priority question,
> probably of pretty limited use nowadays as apparently nobody ever
> thought to enable it on amd64, and I suspect it's largely unused.  It
> made some difference in 2004 but now it's 2017.  My inclination would be
> to just drop this from Ubuntu, which would substantially reduce the size
> of our delta.
>> commit c061fc52c2b5ff1dc2f720df7dc795d0e0b121a9
>> Author: Colin Watson <colin.watson@canonical.com>
>> Date:   Wed Apr 26 19:10:44 2017 +0200
>>     Extend device-scan delay to wait for usb-partition and mmc-partition
>> commit 2ea63bb2703436cfa7695fe27ce5042d1eaf67fd
>> Author: Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
>> Date:   Wed Apr 26 19:08:40 2017 +0200
>>     Also check SD/MMC partitions ("list-devices mmc-partition")
>>     Closes: LP: #364604
> These rely (in part in the case of c061fc52, and in its entirety in the
> case of 2ea63bb2) on a change to debian-installer-utils, which you
> haven't forwarded.
>> commit 5414150bde29d7f1432ae91eeb62c5dad8e0e3a2
>> Author: Colin Watson <colin.watson@canonical.com>
>> Date:   Wed Apr 26 18:37:29 2017 +0200
>>     Copy /cdrom/.disk/info to /var/log/media-info
>>     in order that we get /var/log/installer/media-info on the installed
>>     system; doing this in save-logs is too late because /cdrom is already
>>     unmounted by that point.
>>     Closes: LP: #364649
> This is probably vaguely reasonable.
> --
> Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@ubuntu.com]

Balint Reczey
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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