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Re: Bug#843943: debian-cd: please mention the dinstall serial in a trace file

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2017-04-25):
> Looks good (ish!) The code's fine, but I'll move it to the setup.git
> repo. The code in debian-cd/contrib is just a convenience copy for
> publishing what we do in the package.

Alright, thanks!

> >> Also, as as side question, do we prevent the mirror from being updated
> >> during the n-hours build of all images?
> >
> >Answer welcome. :)
> Nope. For any given architecture build, we do ~all the parsing
> up-front so it's going to be consistent. But from one arch to the next
> it's possible that things will update.

It looks good enough, yeah; at least it seems to have worked just fine
so far. :-)

Thanks again.


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