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Bug#861083: Fails to boot installed system

Matt Kraai <kraai@ftbfs.org> (2017-04-24):
> When I install Debian using the Stretch RC 3 release of the Debian
> installer on a Dell Inspiron 7348 2-in-1, the installer appears to be
> successful.  When I reboot the system and try to boot the installed
> system, however, the screen goes black after displaying "Loading
> initial ramdisk ..." and nothing else ever appears.  When I press a
> key, the keyboard lights up.  When I boot from a rescue disk, there
> are no post-installation log files in /var/log.

We're talking about /var/log/installer being missing? That would be a
first for me for an installation when the “Installation complete” screen
is displayed (that's shown by finish-install).

> I'd be happy to provide any more information that I can.

If there are really no logs after installation, maybe you could redo the
installation, check what's in /target/var/log/installer when that screen
is displayed, and save dmesg/syslog before rebooting?

Good luck.


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