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Re: speech-enabled expert/rescue/autoinstall keyboard shortcuts


Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
> And it seems that just like me, people don't actually use the shortcuts,
> so I have commited stealing them for speech.  I have updated the manual
> and the wiki.

While translating the changings in accessibility chapter in the manual 
regarding speech synthesis, I have noticed the following:

1. on my BIOS system, the manual advises me to use this on the boot menu:
   <a> + <Enter> for "Advanced options"
   <s> + <Enter> to enable speech synthesis
	But this does not work, there is no shortcut assigned to <s> in
	that menu. Instead, pressing <s> + <Enter> brings me back to
	the main menu.

2. Also, it seems there are some lines missing at the bottom of that menu:
   the last entry is "Expert speech install", the menu seems to lack
   entries for "Rescue mode with speech" and "Automated install with
   (this was tested with a i386 netinst CD image from stretch-rc3.)


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