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Bug#860582: R: Re: Bug#860582: Nokia N900 keyboard support in console

Dear Mr. Zinoviev,

>Can you send:
>1. A sample command line for ckbcomp.
>2. The output ckbcomp generates.

I call setupcon -v, and that invokes ckbcomp. With the version of console-setup which is included in the Jessie standard distribution, the command ends up complaining about PC_FN_LEVEL2 not been recognised. I installed the console-setup version from Sid, which has PC_FN_LEVEL2 hardcoded, and now it is not complaining anymore. So now I cannot reproduce the buggy behaviour. In any case, it is well described at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=789816:

    It is generating a few "Unknown key type PC_FN_LEVEL2" lines and the cursor
    keys are not mapped correctly for some keyboards variations.

>I think it is impossible to base the behaviour of ckbcomp on the
>contents of the type file.  The actual semantics of the types is
>undocumented and I think some details are unknown even to X developers.
>Fortunately, this is not necessary because the type files define only a
>few types and it is not difficult to hardcode the proper behaviour in

This is indeed what has been done with PC_FN_LEVEL2, so that this workaround actually works. But in this way it is impossible to define custom types. But yes, if it is impossible to let ckbcomp behave accordingly to what is stated in the type file, then this workaround is the only possible solution. And I admit that probably there is no practical need for the types to be customisable, so doing a huge work to modify ckbcomp would be not worth it.

In conclusion, based on your reply, I think it be better to close this bug report without doing anything.

Thank you and my best regards,

Enrico Menotti

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