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Bug#860582: Nokia N900 keyboard support in console

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 12:24:17AM +0200, Enrico Menotti wrote:
> I am experimenting with Debian on a Nokia N900 (RX-51). I 
> debootstrapped a Jessie file system. When configuring the keyboard, I 
> found an issue. Namely, the symbols file uses a custom type called 
> PC_FN_LEVEL2; however, when setupcon is called, and from there ckbcomp 
> is invoked, this type is not recognised.

Can you send:

1. A sample command line for ckbcomp.

2. The output ckbcomp generates.
> My conclusion is that the problem is ckbcomp not reading the type file 
> indicated in the rule file, and that should be fixed, instead of 
> hardcoding the custom type into ckbcomp.

I think it is impossible to base the behaviour of ckbcomp on the 
contents of the type file.  The actual semantics of the types is 
undocumented and I think some details are unknown even to X developers.

Fortunately, this is not necessary because the type files define only a 
few types and it is not difficult to hardcode the proper behaviour in 

Anton Zinoviev

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