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stretch installation screen issues on Acer C740

I had some screen related issues while installing stretch (using the
non-free firmware iso because of wifi) on my Acer C740:

1) In the beginning of the installation, installer was not able to
automatically detect screen resolution and asked about it.  I choose the
1024x768 option and rest of the installation went fine.

2) When I rebooted after the installation, only one line of flickering
text of grup boot menu was visible on the top of the screen.  After a
few seconds the boot started and the screen went totally blank.  I
blindly gave disk crypt password and after a few seconds got proper
lightdm login screen.

3) I added line GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 line to /etc/default/grub,
updated grub, and rebooted.

4) Reboot now gave me proper grub boot menu screen, but after I pressed
return on Debian GNU/Linux line, the screen went blank again as it did
at (2). Again I blindly gave disk crypt password and properly got
lightdm login screen.

I can live with that, but just wanted you let you what happened.
Earlier I had installed GalliumOS on the same laptop without screen
related issues.

-- Juha

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