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Bug#859268: debian-installer: French keyboard selected during install but QWERTY selected when logged in Gnome

Control: reassign -1 gnome-desktop

cakz@riseup.net, on sam. 01 avril 2017 16:17:00 +0000, wrote:
> The installation was a standard one with encrypted LLVM and the French
> keyboard layout selected. The installation ended successfully. When
> booting, the French keyboard layout was used  to type the passphrase to
> unlock the disk and the password to login.
> After login, the keyboard layout is QWERTY instead of the French layout,

I can confirm the bug: I just installed with default options except
french language (and thus France country and french keyboard layout)
(no real need for LVM encrypted volume), and let it install the
gnome desktop.

The installed system does have /etc/default/keyboard containing



The keyboard icon in the top right corner does propose between en and
fr, but it defaults to en...  Setting it to fr for the user fixes it for
the user, but each new user gets the en default.

Setting XKBVARIANT to "" instead of "latin9" does get fr enabled by
default, but gnome should not require that: there are quite a few
languages for which we do want to use the non-default variant, for
various reasons.

Other desktops (e.g. MATE) are not affected by the bug, thus

This is a very bad-looking bug for gnome...


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