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Re: Bug#858943: unblock: systemd/232-22


Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> (2017-03-28):
> since 232-19, a couple of fixes accumulated which we'd like to see enter
> testing/stretch
> As this potentially affects the installer, I've CC debian-boot aka KiBi.
> A complete debdiff is attached.
> The changelog + annotations follows. Sorry if it's a bit verbose.

FWIW: I'm very happy with the amount of details, many thanks!

> >   [ Michael Biebl ]
> >   * Add Conflicts against hal.
> >     Since v183, udev no longer supports RUN+="socket:". This feature is
> >     still used by hal, but now generates vast amounts of errors in the
> >     journal. Thus force the removal of hal by adding a Conflicts to the udev
> >     package. This is safe, as hal is long dead and no package depends on it
> >     anymore.
> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-systemd/systemd.git/commit/?h=stretch&id=29757891624a73702b1de4b4d5ebd70d721357db
> (not relevant for the installer)
> This is a potentially odd one. hal has been removed in jessie, but
> apparently some users still have it installed after upgrading from
> previous releases. This now leads to massive amounts of error messages
> in the journal (basically on every uevent). So forcing the removal of
> hal seems justified.
> There is a slight catch: the Conflicts could potentially lead to udev
> not being upgraded or udev removed in favour of keeping hal.
> But: since no other package depends on hal anymore and lots of packages
> depend on udev this scenario is rather unlikely. I did several upgrade
> tests and was not able to trigger such a condition. In all cases, hal
> was removed as intended.

Oh, wow, hal is still alive on some systems?! Crazy. :-)

> >   * rules: Allow SPARC vdisk devices when identifying CD drives
> >     (Closes: #858014)
> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-systemd/systemd.git/commit/?h=stretch&id=99e1327b3883fcc5632af7aad4c19ce93e2a55b1
> (might be relevant for the installer)
> Requested by a porter, didn't see a good reason not to include it.
> Low-risk change.

I think that's fine, yeah. From a quick look, a few places might need an
update in d-i components (since we've got some hardcoded lists of
patterns at the moment…), but I suppose having the udev change is a
prerequisite anyway.

> >   * udev: Fix /dev/disk/by-path aliases for virtio disks. (Closes: #856558)
> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-systemd/systemd.git/commit/?h=stretch&id=8ecdc5ca14cf9390104f434c77d76355485d49d4
> (might be relevant for the installer)
> Quoting Martin: "this is reasonably straightforward and also important to
> get fixed in Stretch"

I'm not seeing anything directly using those in d-i components.

> >   * udev: Create persistent net names for virtio CCW devices.
> >     This only affects s390x as only this has CCW devices. This provides
> >     stable network interface names for those and avoids changing the names
> >     on updating Stretch to Buster. (Closes: #856559)
> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-systemd/systemd.git/commit/?h=stretch&id=bb9ad652f309a90a5424381503083ee9a530a888
> (might be relevant for the installer)
> This only affects s390x, so regression potential is low and it's
> important to get into stretch, otherwise we'd have migration issues in
> buster (as names would change, which would be ugly)

Adding debian-s390@lists.debian.org to the loop to make sure they're
aware of this. Can't really judge whether this could be annoying in d-i,
it seems to me that's just fixing a move which hadn't happened with the
net.ifnames transition, for specific hardware?

> Regards,
> Michael
> on behalf of the pkg-systemd team.

Again, many thanks for the details, that's really appreciated.

→ ACK for the whole lot.


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