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Bug#859150: installation-guide: leaves many /tmp/tmp* files behind

Source: installation-guide
Severity: serious
Tags: patch
Justification: Fills up /tmp on dillon.debian.org


Maybe to ease hands-on debugging, dblatex is called with the -d flag,
which tells it to leave temporary files behind. This ends up filling
up dillon's /tmp (in addition to being rather bad style in the first

Two possibilities:
 - remove the -d flag entirely (untested);
 - or set TMPDIR to a subdirectory of $tempdir, which gets automatically
   removed after a build.

The attached patch implements the second solution, but comments are

Index: build/buildone.sh
--- build/buildone.sh	(revision 70645)
+++ build/buildone.sh	(working copy)
@@ -232,7 +232,8 @@
     echo "Info: creating .pdf file..."
-    ( dblatex -d -V -T db2latex -b xetex -p ./stylesheets/dblatex.xsl \
+    mkdir -p $tempdir/dblatex
+    (TMPDIR=$tempdir/dblatex dblatex -d -V -T db2latex -b xetex -p ./stylesheets/dblatex.xsl \
     -o $tempdir/install.${language}.pdf \
     $tempdir/install.${language}.profiled.xml --param=lingua=${language} )
     RET=$?; [ $RET -ne 0 ] && return $RET

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