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Bug#857132: console-setup: additional info needed ?

One more data point:

> I edited the file /etc/console-setup/cached_setup_font.sh
> to look like this:


> the idea being to prevent it from running in parallel.


> When the log file DOES exist it does indeed show
> cached_setup_font.sh to run in parallel "early" in the boot
> process and once more "later":

However, as witnessed by this log snippet from the most
recent boot, it does not ALWAYS run in parallel:

	397 - 2017-03-26 15:53:08.218566865+02:00: /cached_setup_font.sh.running created
	397 - 2017-03-26 15:53:09.054517233+02:00: /cached_setup_font.sh.running deleted
	465 - 2017-03-26 15:53:09.569959665+02:00: /cached_setup_font.sh.running created
	465 - 2017-03-26 15:53:09.656989307+02:00: /cached_setup_font.sh.running deleted
	557 - 2017-03-26 15:53:09.701864078+02:00: /cached_setup_font.sh.running created
	557 - 2017-03-26 15:53:09.743826537+02:00: /cached_setup_font.sh.running deleted

(it took much longer this time for the second process 465 to
be run)

The only thing I can think of maybe having been different
between this boot and other boots was: This time I let Debian
boot all the way into SDDM, then DID NOT switch to a console
right away but rather logged into KDE, and only switched to a
VT once KDE login was finished.

Probably doesn't help much, however. Thought I'd mention though.

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