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Bug#857808: debian-installer: Garbage on terminal with default TERM setting over serial console

On 03/19/2017 08:20 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> That could be the \0 characters I'm talking about, which is triggering
> the eat.

Yes, that's actually what Michael suspects. The \0 characters confusing
the LDOM serial console. I will try adding the hacks you suggested to
gain more test data.

I have also tested to reproduce the issue on older SPARC hardware and it
doesn't affect the Sun Fire T2000 and according to one user in #sparc,
it also doesn't affect his Sun Fire V215. So it seems to be a bug in the
firmware of the SPARC T5 server.

I am reaching out to Oracle people and see if they can maybe try reproduce
this issue. Maybe they can issue a firmware update to fix the problem.


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