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Bug#858029: partman-efi: Manual partinioning in EFI system without EFI boot partition does not trigger an error message

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 05:03:17PM +0100, Miguel Hermanns wrote:
>Dear Steve,
>It was the first time I installed something in EFI mode, as in the past I
>always switched back to legacy mode. So I'm quite sure I booted in EFI
>After the installation and seeing that the computer was not booting, I
>started to research in the internet and found the Debian installation guide
>I mention in the bug report. After that I started to understand what was
>going wrong and I installed again Debian from scratch and without changing
>anything in the BIOS. But this time I allowed partman to do a guided
>partitioning, which I afterwards tuned to my needs. Partman of course
>included the EFI boot partition, and this time everything went fine.

OK, I'm struggling to reproduce this here. I've just started 2 test
EFI installations in a VM. Create just a single filesystem on a blank
disk with no ESP and I get

  No EFI partition was found.

  Go back to the menu and resume partitioning?

when I say "Finish partitioning". Was there any other OS installed
already on the system?

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