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Re: debian-installer: virtio support for powerpc cdrom/netboot installs

Hi Frederic!

> virtio modules are more and more used in VMs and it would be nice to have those
> into the netboot and cdrom installers for powerpc on which there are not at the
> moment. I'm currently in need of these for ppc64 testing.

That's a very reasonable request and I am pretty sure there is no problem merging
your patch into the debian-installer repository. One of our sparc64 users requested
the same change for that architecture as well.

> Once again, I hit this. On a ppc64 vm, as it's not an official arch, there no iso
> available and for installing I use netboot, but without virtio support I don't
> have the network device recognized and I can't netboot.

There will most likely images available in the near future. Debian Developer James
Clarke has improved support in debian-installer for Ports architectures and the
next upload should actually build fine on most of these architectures, including

I suggest sending your patch to the debian-boot mailing list. From my experience,
trivial patches like this one usually get merged quickly. I assume it was just


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