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Bug#857445: installation-report: Default https mirror list empty

Control: tag -1 - d-i
Control: severity -1 normal


kwadronaut <kwadronaut@autistici.org> (2017-03-11):
> I used the alternative 'expert' installation, happens both remote or
> with gui or text only. When the time came to choose my mirror for apt
> sources, I could pick between http, ftp and https. With the first two, I
> got a nice big mirror list to choose from (or add my own), however, the
> https one was empty and I could only add a link of my own. The list on
> https://www.debian.org/mirror/list doesn't make it easy for me to filter
> out mirrors that offer stretch and are serving over https.

https support is rather new, and I'm not sure how choose-mirror deals
with it. The update I was about to upload yesterday failed to build
anyway, so some investigation is in order.

> Would it be possible to add a default one or list? I understand that
> httpredir is a failed project, so some choices besides the infamous
> fastly cdn would be most welcome. Bonus kudos for adding an onion option
> as well and preseeding that too ;-)

Some quick notes:
 - d-i syncs its mirror list from what's in mirror/mirror-masterlist.git
   so if you're not happy with the list of mirrors present there, submit
   new, non-infamous (whatever that means) mirrors.
 - preseeding is an entirely different concept in d-i:


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