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Bug#857064: debian-installer: Can't list partition types in fdisk


Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.de> (2017-03-07):
> when using fdisk from within a rescue console in the Stretch RC2
> installer, I can’t list available partition types:
> | Command (m for help): t
> | Hex code (type L to list all codes): L
> | sh: less: not found
> Linking /bin/more to /bin/less isn’t sufficient since busybox checks the
> process’ argv[0] and bails with “less: applet not found”. Creating a
> wrapper script with ‘more "$@"’ works, though.

I'm not sure where this comes from, since list_types doesn't seem to be
calling any external pager. But there's maybe something wrapping around
the output more globally. Only looked briefly at util-linux/fdisk.c, and
you can pretend I don't know anything about busybox anyway…


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