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Bug#857130: os-prober: add support for veracrypt system encryption on UEFI

Package: os-prober
Version: 1.74
Tags: patch

Veracrypt system encryption for Windows 7/8/10 on UEFI is working by
creating an additional efi program on the EFI partition.  If this efi
program is added to the GRUB menu, then I can successfully boot my
system encrypted Windows system from GRUB.

Since in Debian, GRUB uses os-prober to get the additional menu items to
present for additional OSes, adding the attached file to
/usr/lib/os-probes/mounted/efi/15veracrypt results in a correctly
working Veracrypt GRUB menu item.  Tested on Windows 10 Home, have no
idea about other editions or versions, but most probably this will work
for them.

Note, that this is only for UEFI, I have no idea how to add Veracrypt to
the GRUB menu on MBR systems.

Note, that most of this is a copy-paste and customization of the
20microsoft script.

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