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Bug#856210: libdebian-installer: please parse SHA256 field and add it to di_* structs

On 02/27/2017 04:40 PM, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Bastian Blank wrote:
>> This change breaks the existing ABI and therefor needs an ABI bump, but
>> it is missing from the patch.
> The attached patch tries to bump the soname to 5.  This makes the diff
> much larger, but the code changes are the same.
> I think libdebian-installer-extra nowadays gets a soname bump at the
> same time as libdebian-installer (whereas in the past it was possible to
> set a different soname for each).
> (If we really wanted, we could maybe avoid the ABI bump:  no library
> functions are being added/removed, only the name and meaning of a struct
> member (a pointer, which remains the same length).  The
> dynamically-sized buffer it points to, would change from storing an MD5
> to a SHA256 hash, and would only cause a regression where something is
> still trying to validate MD5).
Changing semantics of an existing struct member is classic ABI breakage.
 This does very much need a SONAME bump.


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