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Bug#856210: libdebian-installer: please parse SHA256 field and add it to di_* structs

Thanks for your comments!

Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> (2017-02-27):
> > (If we really wanted, we could maybe avoid the ABI bump: [...]
> Given the number of reverse dependencies, I doubt this is worth abusing
> md5 storage for sha256 things.

Maybe I should clarify that;  the current libdebian-installer/0.108 has:

di_package struct {
	char *md5sum; // -> dynamically allocated md5sum field

and we'd be changing it to:

di_package struct {
	char *sha256; // -> dynamically allocated sha256 field

("Sum" was dropped from name of that field in the Release file, so I do
the same here)

Changing the name, causes reverse-deps using that field to FTBFS.  I
think that is just anna and cdebootstrap, which we'd patch anyway.

The md5sum/sha256 field is a pointer to a dynamically-allocated field.
The struct size, and the offset of other members does not change, so
nothing else should need rebuilding with the newer package.h

"If" somehow, we missed something, which tries to dereference
package->md5sum at run-time with a new version of libdebian-installer,
it would find a sha256 hash there instead of md5.  That should fail
"safely" by complaining of a md5sum mismatch (even if it only compares
the first 32 bytes, as cdebootstrap does currently).

That's why I think an ABI bump could be safely avoided.  (And I think
Bastian agrees now?)

> Bumping the ABI seems reasonable to me,
> even if that's effectively starting a mini-transition from a release
> point of view.


> > -Package: libdebian-installer4-dev
> > +Package: libdebian-installer5-dev
> Please don't!

You suggest to "bump the ABI" but not rename the packages?  or...?
Maybe the argument above is convincing enough to just not bump the ABI?

> > --- a/include/debian-installer/release.h
> > +++ b/include/debian-installer/release.h
> > @@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ struct di_release
> >    char *origin;                                 /**< Origin field */
> >    char *suite;                                  /**< Suite field */
> >    char *codename;                               /**< Codename field */
> > -  di_hash_table *md5sum;                        /**< checksum fields, includes di_release_file */
> > +  di_hash_table *sha256;                        /**< checksum fields, includes di_release_file */
> >    di_mem_chunk *release_file_mem_chunk;         /**< @internal */
> >  };
> So md5sum goes away from the di_release struct…

Yes, the same as with di_package;  that preserves ABI compatibility,
and getting rid of md5sum is also our intent.

> >  
> > @@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ struct di_release_file
> >      di_rstring key;                             /**< @internal */
> >    };
> >    unsigned int size;                            /**< size */
> > -  char *sum[2];                                 /**< checksums, currently md5 and sha1 */
> > +  char *sum[2];                                 /**< checksums, currently md5 and sha256 */
> … but is kept in the di_release_file one?

Right, this struct currently contains:

char *sum[0] -> dynamically allocated md5sum field
char *sum[1] -> dynamically allocated sha1 field

so that is what reverse-depends expect to be in those fields,
currently.  To keep ABI comptibility, I should keep two items there.

The sha1 field is always empty, since that was removed from the Release
file.  We could either:

  1. replace sum[0] with sha256 and leave sum[1] empty;  or
  2. leave sum[0] containing md5 but replace sum[1] with sha256

My patch did 2. because it results in a smaller diff.  But I like the
idea of doing 1. instead (we would drop the MD5- and SHA1-parsing code
and make absolutely sure nobody is still using those).

If I did 1. and we didn't bump the ABI, it should be easy to test:
  * we'd patch+update only libdebian-installer, then test:
    anna should abort the install, due to mismatching md5sums;
  * then we'd patch anna, and it should all work again;  one could
    also delete the /usr/bin/md5sum symlink while testing.

Steven Chamberlain

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