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Re: Bug#856210: libdebian-installer: please parse SHA256 field and add it to di_* structs


Colin Watson wrote:
> Just FYI, since it's not clear from
> https://wiki.debian.org/InstallerDebacle that you know this, the
> installer in fact uses debootstrap rather than cdebootstrap to install
> the base system.

I didn't realise that, thanks.  There was still a cdebootstrap-udeb in
wheezy, so that installer is affected?  But not releases since.

base-installer seems it would (still now) use it in preference to
regular debootstrap, *if* it was available in the installer:

Do you know any places where cdebootstrap is still used?  (It is still
having new features added in the past months, so it may not be an option
to simply remove it from the stable release).

I found a random example in "gitlab-ci-multi-runner"

> AFAIK debootstrap has supported SHA256 since version
> 1.0.28 in 2011.

I looked at debootstrap in sid and it seems unaffected by these issues,

> >   + allow verifiers to check both MD5 *and* SHA256, for even stronger
> >     authentication in case one or both algorithms are broken
> Checking both adds only negligible security (look up "multicollisions")
> and is a waste of time.

I wouldn't dismiss it for that reason, but I think it adds such
complexity that we would likely make some more serious error, if we

> The usual reason to keep support for older hash algorithms is just to
> make transitions to newer ones less painful.

Maybe it makes sense to do that on the archive side (add new hash
algorithms before removing old ones);  but to do that here, in the
consuming utility, has turned out quite harmful, in retrospect.

From this, I would conclude that cdebootstrap should have dropped
all support for MD5 when SHA1 support was added, i.e. require a SHA1
field, and fail loudly if it's not there;  and prune out all of the MD5
code (which might have avoided #856213).

I think archive utils have had plenty of time (10 years!) to add SHA256
fields, so it is reasonable now to require a SHA256 field be present,
and validate only that?

Steven Chamberlain

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