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Bug#854923: busybox: "sed -i" bug corrected in version 1.23.0

Hi Cyril,

Cyril Chaboisseau <cyril.chaboisseau@free.fr> (2017-02-16):
> this bug https://bugs.busybox.net/show_bug.cgi?id=7484 is corrected in
> version 1.23.0

Thanks for the link. Given the patch, we need to be careful about the
sed -i call anyway (https://bugs.debian.org/854924), since we would be
setting exitcode to EXIT_FAILURE (and most code has set -e).

> busybox should be upgrade to a newer stable version 1.23.2 (or newer :
> 1.26.2)

Feel free to join and give a hand! See my call for help:


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