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Bug#823982: Bug #823982 : solved by fakechroot version 2.19-3


It seems that the new version 2.19-3 of fakechroot solved this bug.

$ dpkg -l dbus libdbus-1-3 fakeroot fakechroot debootstrap
||/ Name                               Version                Architecture           Description
ii  debootstrap                        1.0.87                 all                    Bootstrap a basic Debian system
ii  fakechroot                         2.19-3                 all                    gives a fake chroot environment - utilities
ii  fakeroot                           1.21-3.1               amd64                  tool for simulating superuser privileges
dpkg-query: no packages found matching dbus
dpkg-query: no packages found matching libdbus-1-3

$ fakechroot fakeroot debootstrap --variant=fakechroot --include=dbus sid mychroot
[ ... ]
I: Base system installed successfully.
$ echo $?

JH Chatenet

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