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No device files crested on multipath detection (stretch RC2)


I have been working on getting multipath installation working on debian for the last few months, and now I am having a strange problem that I can not find a solution for myself.

It is a PXE install with preseed, and multipath is enabled in the preseed file. The current stretch multipath udeb is missing a lib, but I got around that by putting it in the initrd.gz, so now the install goes well until the installer can not find the device to install on.

By switching to the console on alt-F2 I can see that "multipath -ll" show that the multipath disks are found, and the device /dev/dm-0 is created, but neither /dev/mapper/mpatha or /dev/mapper/wwid is created, and that is the reason the install stops, and I have not found a way around it.

Which piece of software should create the missing dev files ?

Best regards
Allan Jacobsen

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