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Various unblock-udebs


Emilio asked me on IRC to have a look at a bunch of packages which both
have block-udeb and RC bug fixes. Here's a list with comments, I'm OK
with unblock-udeb'ing most of them (which doesn't mean you shouldn't
review as usual for the unblock part), except hw-detect and wpa, which
have commented out unblock-udeb lines.

,---[ review as of 2017-02-14 ]---

# lots of noise due to git-dpm; l10n + Sledge-changes, trusting him:
unblock-udeb grub2/2.02~beta3-5

# lots of noise due to .gitignore removal (included in a previous
# upload by error), plus l10, plus dpkg-maintscript-helper fix:
unblock-udeb console-setup/1.160

# compile-time option change, shouldn't be an issue for d-i:
unblock-udeb bind9/1:9.10.3.dfsg.P4-11.1

# RC bug fix (FTBFS):
unblock-udeb installation-locale/1.7

# fix for multipath support, but some more work is needed anyway,
# maybe wait until related unblocks are put together?
# unblock-udeb hw-detect/1.123

# doesn't seem to have udev/udeb changes, basic testing is fine, and
# the RC/seccomp bug fix is most welcome:
unblock-udeb systemd/232-18

# trivial bug fix, successfully tested by submitter:
unblock-udeb grub-installer/1.137

# trivial bug fix, succesfully run-tested:
unblock-udeb clock-setup/0.132

# can't comment, just too huge:
# unblock-udeb wpa/2.6-3



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