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Bug#854989: debian-installer: Two times "Show Password in Clear"

Control: tag -1 - d-i


And thanks for your report.

scootergrisen <scootergrisen@gmail.com> (2017-02-13):
> I test Debian 9 with debian-testing-amd64-DVD-1.iso.
> During "Set up users and passwords" i can set "Root password:" and "Re-enter
> password to verify:".
> Under each of these inputs there is a check box with "Show Password in Clear".
> I don't se why it would be neccesary to have two check boxes with "Show
> Password in Clear".
> Why not just one?
> In what senario would you want to only see one of the passwords in clear and
> hide the other one?
> Also when you type the first password and hit TAB the focus goes to the first
> "Show Password in Clear".
> It would be better jo one have one "Show Password in Clear" and have it below
> "Re-enter password to verify:".
> That way when you press TAB after typing the password the first time the focus
> will go to the second input.
> Also the same for the screen where you create a new user that is not root.

I think this was the easiest path to let us add toggling with several
frontends (graphical & text, basically), see this commit in cdebconf:
| commit 78de074872978c7b4df136edd9bc274899b65bea
| Author: Regis Boudin <regis@boudin.name>
| Date:   Wed Aug 21 20:00:39 2013 +0200
|     asking the show password question in newt


This might be tweakable to be shown once per screen globally as you suggested,
but a little work would seem needed… Adding the author to the loop for now,
even if I suppose the right thing to do is to reassign to src:cdebconf.


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